Multi Award-Winning
director and producer

Antoine Marc

About me
Creative work
About me
Internationally working on Shows and Films to bring creative consultancy and innovative methodologies from production’s development to its completion.

Engaged in both Live events and Films, developed work that prides itself by being rich in collaborations between Creatives and Performers.

In 2015, received the Van Gogh Award by the Beoordelen van ComitĂ©. In 2022, Received the QLD XR award for best Extended Reality…

Creative work
Innovation and Creative Design has led to work with established brands and organisations such as BBC Arts, Royal Opera House, Olympic Ceremonies, Ferrari, Nike, Canadian Opera Company, Expo Dubai, ENO.

Over 20 years experience in the creative industry, with credits that include Expo Dubai, Open Online Theatre, Volvo National Launch, BBC Screened Films, Israr Award, Swatch Global launch, David Guetta live, Olympics Opening Ceremony, Diversity Arena UK Tours, Ferrari World and Award winning films.


21 February 2024
Immersive Media BA
This year collaboration between University of the Arts London and The Place has started. The Immersive Media BA has been created to promote cr...
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12 February 2024
One Dance Awards
Celebrating the dance sector, this year One Dance UK Awards was held in Coventry. I am honoured to have been one of the judges and to have pre...
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23 January 2024
Innovation Lab
Held at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (CitAI), IJAD Dance Company joined forces with NCACE, in collaboration with City Universit...
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