The interactive dance film (Re)United has started touring film festivals. Currently nominated for this year best short film, this unique digital experience has captivated online audiences across the globe. Dealing with separation and the search of inner completion, in this film viewers select which digital path they would like to experience first.

Featuring Sadé Alleyne and Kristina Alleyne, produced by Uprise Rebel, the film has taken part in the Northern Stage program, ScreenDance festival, Frostbite International and Sweden Film Awards. “Highlighting the strength of family connectivity; witness the anticipation, joy, fear and excitement leading up to the moment siblings reunite after being separated for over half of their lives”.
Stay tuned for more online screening of Alleyne Dance’s (Re)United and live post show Q&A with the artists where you can find out more about the interactive film! ⁠
Check out the trailer below: