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7 November 2017
Channel 4
Delighted to announced that one of our independent film production has been commissioned for British Television. Beyond joyful! Dance film Des...
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14 October 2017
Best Visual Award
Our team just won Best Visual Award at the Limelight Film Awards, the annual film competition for international talents. It's been amazing for...
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11 September 2017
100 Autonomous Drones
What an exciting time for Autonomous Drones! We are amazed by how far the technology has got, now capable of flying more than 100 drones. Feat...
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22 August 2017
Virtual Reality
From interactive games to visual displays, the level of interactions and engines used keeps on evolving. It is mind blowing to experience how ...
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18 July 2017
Art Exhibition
For a full month in Shanghai the Ming Contemporary Art Museum is celebrating international and independent dance films as part of Dance and Mo...
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30 June 2017
Drone Academy
It's been amazing to work on a new performance with autonomous drones. The very first of its kind! Drone's engineers took on the challenge of ...
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30 May 2017
Making-of Swatch Show
Making-of from Swatch is out! Combining live interactive visuals with dance, this performance was created through a tight collaboration betwee...
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28 April 2017
Diversity Arena Tour
Just completed the new Arena tour Genesis with Diversity. From dance, pyrotechnics, fire artists to visual marvels these live performances hav...
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20 March 2017
Global Launch Event
Recently created the live event 'YourMove' with dance and interactive technology launching new watches. It's been exciting to take on the conc...
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14 February 2017
Las Vegas Show
Las Vegas called, We answered! This month we were commissioned to bring a show from our repertoire to be performed in front of 3000 profession...
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24 January 2017
Chinese National Launch
It's been an incredible adventure to create a new show for the Chinese national Launch of Volvo S90. Bringing costume design, music compositio...
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14 December 2016
Game Of Thrones Costumes
Our head of Costume Design was requested on Games Of Throne season 7 film set. It has been a challenging and joyful experience to be part of t...
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