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20 March 2017
Global Launch Event
Recently created the live event 'YourMove' with dance and interactive technology launching new watches. It's been exciting to take on the conc...
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14 February 2017
Las Vegas Show
Las Vegas called, We answered! This month we were commissioned to bring a show from our repertoire to be performed in front of 3000 profession...
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24 January 2017
Chinese National Launch
It's been an incredible adventure to create a new show for the Chinese national Launch of Volvo S90. Bringing costume design, music compositio...
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14 December 2016
Game Of Thrones Costumes
Our head of Costume Design was requested on Games Of Throne season 7 film set. It has been a challenging and joyful experience to be part of t...
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28 November 2016
Airbus Awards of Excellence
Great to have been commissioned to create a performance surrounding Airbus director of human resources at the Airbus Award of Excellence. An e...
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21 October 2016
Engineering spectacle on TV
From the extensive exchange between engineers and dancers a new performance of dancing drones has been created to be featured on TV. After ope...
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19 September 2016
Nominated Best Choreographer
Such a great honour to have been nominated at the International Achievement Recognition Awards 2016. This year is incredible, busy merging liv...
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1 September 2016
Billboards and Print Campaign
Congratulations to S.O.S Agency for the successful campaign, proud to be part of it! Representing UK's top talent, the agency was founded 10 y...
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4 July 2016
One to Watch Winner
Excited to be the 'One to Watch' Winner 2016! The film-making competition rewards one upcoming maker in the film industry per year. It's been ...
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14 June 2016
Behind the Scenes Video
In collaboration with Parrot and BeTomorrow, we're currently designing shows that blend Performing arts with Drones technology. The drone used...
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21 May 2016
Best Music & Dance Film Award
At Cannes Red Carpet Fashion and Global Short Film Awards the short dance film Descent has won the Best Music & Dance Film Award. We had a bea...
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14 May 2016
Drones and Dance on TV
Recently, we have been commissioned to create a series of new shows for TV. The challenge was to create unique performances with drones and da...
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