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29 April 2016
Aurubis AG Anniversary
To celebrate Aurubis AG's anniversary in Hamburg, we were invited to blend Ballet with contorted movement surrounded by live musicians, singer...
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30 March 2016
First Video Test
Supported by Samsung Memory Card we have filmed our first video test, experimenting with keying and aerial shots in preparation for the next f...
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8 March 2016
Movement Masterclass Series
Excited to announce that the Movement Masterclass Series has started with the inspiring Heritage workshop. The collaboration between health ca...
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26 January 2016
Pro MovieMaker Magazine
For developing Movement in films, Antoine Marc has been selected by Pro Moviemaker magazine to join the 'One To Watch' program. In collaborati...
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12 December 2015
Russell Athletic Europe
Glad to have taken part in Russell Athletic Europe new campaign, inspiring dance and fitness via social media. Russell Athletic Europe has rev...
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20 October 2015
Movement In Films
Recently, we have been invited to lead workshops on Movement in Films and join panel discussions. The success of our fourth independent film h...
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6 October 2015
Dance Without Music
A few weeks ago, we have been commissioned to create a dance piece at Ignition Dance Festival. This amazing festival, based in Kingston, celeb...
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8 September 2015
Award Winning Film
After winning the Van Gogh Award at the Amsterdam Film Festival, we are overjoyed with the current new nominations for Best Costume Design at ...
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23 June 2015
Movement As Design
We have just created and released a new short video called Movement As Design showcasing talents from IC Movement. The video Movement As Desig...
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20 April 2015
Ferrari in Abu Dabhi
With the cast of Viva Ferrari coming back to the UK this week, it's time to honour the adventure with a new video! Originally planned for 5 mo...
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30 March 2015
International Motor Show
For one of the most exciting car exhibition in the world, IC Movement was invited to create a brand new show for the 85th International Motor ...
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25 February 2015
New Dance Film
The new dance film Descent is currently touring festivals. Filmed in the iconic location of the feature film The King's Speech, the independen...
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