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23 January 2024
Innovation Lab
Held at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (CitAI), IJAD Dance Company joined forces with NCACE, in collaboration with City Universit...
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12 July 2023
London Tech Week
We joined London Tech Week, a technology festival connecting individuals and businesses while discussing innovations that are shaping the futu...
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3 October 2022
Performing Arts Festival
It's official, OOTFest22 has been announced! A ground-breaking performing arts festival, mixing realities and bending genres. OOTFest22 celebr...
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12 November 2018
DELL Technologies
A morning performance opened DELL Technologies Forum in Paris. With a show from our repertoire, we shared the creative use of technology in a ...
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14 December 2017
TV Show Italy
We have been invited by Canele 5 in their studios, in Rome, to perform in front of a live audience. Featuring 15 autonomous drones interacting...
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14 October 2017
Best Visual Award
Our team just won Best Visual Award at the Limelight Film Awards, the annual film competition for international talents. It's been amazing for...
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22 August 2017
Virtual Reality
From interactive games to visual displays, the level of interactions and engines used keeps on evolving. It is mind blowing to experience how ...
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28 November 2016
Airbus Awards of Excellence
Great to have been commissioned to create a performance surrounding Airbus director of human resources at the Airbus Award of Excellence. An e...
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19 September 2016
Nominated Best Choreographer
Such a great honour to have been nominated at the International Achievement Recognition Awards 2016. This year is incredible, busy merging liv...
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