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24 November 2023
Concerts in Japan
We have just completed a series of concerts in Japan! Travelling from Tokyo to Nagoya, in support of talk show and live performances with musi...
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2 November 2021
BBC Arts 2022
Delighted to announce that BBC Arts and One Dance UK have commissioned our next XR technology project 'Dive Into Dance', as part of Dance Pass...
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11 August 2019
Visual Drums
Live projections pulsing to the music was cast onto Kieran Gaffney's dynamic drumming. Designing a visualisation of the beat created a magical...
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Golden Buzzer
24 March 2019
Golden Buzzer
It has been humbling to get a Golden Buzzer for the performance featuring Hashem and drones technology. After months of researching exceptiona...
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Random Facts
7 November 2017
Channel 4
Delighted to announced that one of our independent film production has been commissioned for British Television. Beyond joyful! Dance film Des...
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11 September 2017
100 Autonomous Drones
What an exciting time for Autonomous Drones! We are amazed by how far the technology has got, now capable of flying more than 100 drones. Feat...
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